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Listomania Goes Freemium

Listomania-Justin-Bieber-Self-Perpetuating-Upward-SpiralI’m pleased to report that Listomania, a series of two reports I published before Christmas about playlist strategy for streaming services and radio, is still being widely shared. It’s incredibly gratifying to hear your work quoted in meetings, at conferences, and in other people’s excellent commentary.

Listomania was originally made available for free to New Slang subscribers, because when you work independently subscribers are a nice collection item. But since my company New Slang is no longer trading, I’ve decided to make both reports available to everyone without sign-up. Download Part 1 – Winners & Losers in the Battle for Spotify Playlist Supremacy – here and Part 2 – Justin Bieber & The Self-Perpetuating Upward Spiral – here. (Read about the main findings here.)

I hope you find Listomania useful. Please share if you do.